Guerilla ICT proves businesses can get blazing broadband ‘by any means’.

Disruptive telecoms and high speed business internet provider company brings Nottingham businesses 2020 broadband. How to clean up your business broadband connectivity from super-slow to blazing in a few hours.

Nottingham-based Kitchen & Bathroom World prides itself on exceptional customer service and delight, providing a growing customer base with the kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams.

But one element of the business, especially during the ongoing pandemic, was leaving a gap in their otherwise exemplary service: poor broadband connectivity.

Connectivity is not only key to servicing client needs, but it now lies at the core of successful business management – and survival.

For years, Kitchen and Bathroom World suffered with poor broadband connectivity, with no answer in site.

Kitchen & Bathroom World Director David Green said: “While our business is very much in the real world, we have seen an increasing reliance on the need for strong, secure broadband, and it has become increasingly frustrating that we excel in every area of our business, apart from this one vital element – timely communication.”

For such a renowned and respected company to often rely on staff mobile connectivity for swift customer communication is simply impractical.

Step up Guerilla ICT, the disruptive telecoms and high speed business internet communications provider with a “broadband by any means” philosophy, and a deep understanding of business communications built over three decades of experience in the field.

Craig Hall, Guerilla ICT’s founder says: “Good broadband has never been so vital to business survival – along with ensuring your remote workforce is ‘always-on’, with the same ‘presence’ regardless of how a customer communicates. I see bad contracts and terrible connection speeds every day, and it’s heartbreaking.

“We work to enable businesses to take full advantage of the latest technologies, but also save them money, by helping them escape lengthy, inappropriate and overly complex telecoms contracts.”

KItchen & Bathroom World asked for Craig’s help, and it took the time it takes to drink a cup of tea – Guerilla ICT’s now famous ‘cup of tea challenge’ – for the comms expert to explain his company’s ‘broadband by any means’ philosophy and that he would find a way to fix the seemingly intractable connectivity issue.

After a thorough search of Guerilla ICT’s cherry picked supply chain, it was identified that only ethernet or costly fibre options were available to the company.

Craig quickly undertook a 4G/5G survey at the Castle Boulevard, Nottingham premises and discovered a fantastic 5G signal was available.

Says Craig: “Our survey showed download speeds of over 100Mb. So we quickly organised our kit and installed it – but not before taking a speed test of their current connection.”

That speed test revealed a miserable download speed of 3.18 megabits per second (Mbps), and a shocking upload speed of 0.58Mbps.

“I was shocked. This is 2020, and how can a business be expected to run at speeds like that?,” says Craig. For context, the most recent OFCOM report suggests average UK home broadband speed is now 64 megabits per second, despite the massive increase in traffic caused by the pandemic lockdowns and working from home.

With the swift installation of a Huawei plug and play 5G router and sim card, coupled with a signal-boosting ultra wideband MiMo antenna, Green and his team immediately saw a rapid increase in their connectivity speed.

Download speeds at the site were now being recorded at a blazing 284Mbps, while uploads sit at a healthy 23.03Mbps – the sort of speeds appropriate for a modern business with more and more dealings online.

David Green, Director of Kitchen & Bathroom World says: “It was mind-blowing to see how quickly Guerilla ICT resolved our broadband issue, which before meeting Craig had seemed impossible to fix. It’s probably the best cup of tea I’ve ever had.”

“We’re now enjoying the fastest broadband I’ve ever seen, which means we can deal with customers more efficiently and effectively – and it’s cheaper than the broken broadband we were stuck with before!”

In fact, David is so delighted and impressed, he has asked Guerilla to improve the broadband at the company’s other site, and even connectivity at his home address.

“I will definitely be contacting all my local business connections to recommend Guerilla ICT to service their needs. In a tough year, saving costs and improving our communications is a real boon, and will help your business plan for a longer, brighter future,” concludes the director.