Has Covid killed the traditional business communications model?

  • Guerilla ICT delivers an urgent, clarion call for UK business survival in the face of a ‘perfect storm’
  • Companies are being forced into comms contracts that will be invalid in 3-4 years
  • COVID has rung out the death knell for the PBX; Guerilla ICT says good riddance

If you are in the process of negotiating a new phone deal – STOP.

That’s the call to action from comms maverick and expert Craig Hall, a man on a mission to help businesses survive the pandemic, save money and take advantage of the state-of -the-art communication systems they deserve.

COVID-19 means the average workforce has dissipated. Working from home has left holes in company communications that need filling – fast. Companies have been left in dire straits – unable and unprepared to handle the rapid business communication changes that need to be made to survive.

Enter Craig Hall, the founder of disruptive telecoms and high speed business internet provider company Guerilla ICT, who is seeing the problem first hand.

“We’ve been calling potential clients to generate business, and more often than not, the decision makers are unavailable. I’m told to send an email dozens of times a day. And those emails often go missing, or lie unanswered in overflowing inboxes. Companies are missing out on vital business – in these tough economic times – for want of better communications and a professional, homogenous presence across the entire business,” he says, “It’s infuriating not being able to get hold of decision makers. If I do get hold of them, it’s an immediate chance to prove my business model – that their current communications set up is terrible – and they are losing value,” adds Hall. He sees the current climate as the ‘perfect storm ’ – the onset of coronavirus has created an urgent need for dynamism within the voice enterprise as well as with data. Secondly, there’s an absolute need for people to trim fat off bills . Simply put, Hall says if it isn’t the (telecoms) bills that are reduced, it will have to be personnel. He is passionately opposed to the telecoms status quo in the UK – companies that intentionally sell long term (five or seven year) contracts, full of premium services that look good on a sales flyer, but reveal a horror story when the small print is examined. And he rails against spurious charges, hidden costs and complex contracts that companies are fearful of extracting them selves from”.

The traditional PBX/PABX – private, internal business telephone exchange – if not killed off by COVID, should be killed off by Guerilla ICT’s up to date communications model – which is faster, cheaper and more appropriate to the needs of midden business.

Hall says the PBX model is only still being sold because of vendor apathy.

“This is not what the market demands, but simply what the vendors offer. They mark up these outdated services, add value on a long lease over seven years, and try to lock businesses into inflexible deals. It’s heartbreaking when you know they are selling the same packages as they were ten years ago. What’s more, as BT moves towards a nationwide full fibre network, (FTTP), and openly retires the massively outdated copper-based PSTN (analogue) network, those companies currently inking long-term deals based on the existing PSTN network will be holding meaningless, invalidated contracts in a few short years.

I’d like to shout from the rooftops ‘STOP’ to anyone currently negotiating a new telecom’s deal. There are still people out there selling seven-year PABX leases. But within 3-5 years , this will be an invalid product and you will have to re-buy – there is no trade in. So three or four years of that lease you negotiate today is going to be invalidated, dead money, and you’ll be paying out for a new contract all over again.”

At a time when most businesses, especially the SMEs which form the backbone of UK industry, need support, the dominant communications players are simply not playing ball. Hall adds: “We are here to help companies not only with broadband but to help them navigate their communications needs – so post-COVID they have a plan B. This has been an unprecedented time, and many of us have been firefighting. We not only want to help quash those fires, but fireproof the buildings and ensure UK business is fully prepared for future fires.”

Allow the Guerilla ICT team to analyse your comms and it will immediately know how and where to make savings – “we point out the unnecessary lines, spurious charges, unnecessary add ons etc., especially when they are on a long contract,” explains the maverick. It’s a simple premise: Guerilla ICT offers superfast broadband, seamlessly, rapidly installed , coupled with immediate cost savings. Guerilla is going head-to-head with the industry’s biggest players to provide transparent charges and cut costs.

A future-proof unified communications system from Guerilla means a shift in the concept of ‘presence’ – from office desk-based presence to the presence of talent. Says Hall: “We are arming individuals to contribute all the time to same customer care standard. So when they leave the building, they don’t become a hard-to-get-hold-of bit player in the customer care journey. Talent that is often the most sought after is now made always available.” In the new normal, as businesses struggle, it’s a no-brainer to ensure your staff is easily contactable, and that your company messaging is seamless, regardless of the method of contact or communication. “We answer the tough questions no-one is asking, help businesses extract them selves from complex contracts and see savings of up to 75% overnight. We are chipping away at the big players, one faster, cheaper, better broadband connection at a time,” concludes Hall. If you want to bring your company into the 21st century, survive the pandemic and enjoy enormous cost savings, take up Craig’s cup of tea challenge.