• Disruptive technology provider designs a better way to consume business mobile phones and tariffs
  • Mobile networks have had the same “free phone” strategy for too long
  • Providing simple, low costs financing platforms for handsets allows monthly tariff costs to be reduced like never before
  • Now more affordable to invest in the right products at the right time to meet increasing demands

Disruptive technology company, Guerilla ICT, is shaking up the telecommunications sector by creating a new business model that no longer allows telco providers to hold business to ransom.

Company founder Craig Hall says: “For too long, corporate telecommunication providers have tried to incorporate the punitive costs of ever-more complex smartphones into mobile network’s tariff charges.”

“This business model needs changing urgently, but resellers and networks appear reluctant to move to a new, moore appropriate business model.”

Frustrated with the incumbent industry norms, veteran telco expert Craig Hall set up a new kind of company, Guerilla ICT, in 2020, offering digital disruption to an industry that does not evolve fast enough to suit the needs of dynamic customers.

Now, thanks to Guerilla ICT’s simple and straightforward approach to corporate communications and technology needs, businesses of all sizes can take full advantage of access to the latest equipment and cost-effective communications, without feeling like they are being ‘held to ransom’ by a phone tariff.

Guerilla provides the smartphone and tariffs companies require to operate most effectively, on a fixed price plan – entirely separate to the network tariff. This ‘customer first’ approach seems, shockingly, to be a new idea in the enterprise telecoms sector.

The best phones become affordable thanks to excellent financial terms, reducing capital outlay to zero. And rather than fixing the tariff to the hardware requirement (an inefficient way to buy hardware), customers are free to move to SIM-only network contracts, greatly reducing monthly outlay for every handset .

Customers are also free to mix and match networks to suit local requirements, such as signal coverage. Hall can easily show how this method reduces overall monthly outlay, while increasing employee’s effective communications – from everywhere.

“We are putting contractual power into your hands, because you are not repaying the network for the cost of the phones, or being tied into a bad deal. Since 1996, vendors have been selling contracts to companies that suit their needs, rather than creating cost-effective, more bespoke packages with the customer in mind – and now we are, at last, changing that,” says Craig Hall.

The disruptive new model dovetails with other areas where Guerilla ICT is also shaking up and improving the communications business.

Craig and his team, in spending this last year talking to many struggling business owners, is offering a new way to manage communications. Simply put, Guerilla helps companies ensure they are maximising their telecommunications and providing the best possible tools to ensure key talent has the best possible tools for the job.

He says: “Given the prevalence of remote working this year, a few urgent matters have come to the fore. We need to achieve three big shifts in the relationship between comms suppliers and clients. Firstly, we need to create fairer terms and shorter, more flexible contracts.

“Secondly, we need to integrate the best technology in creative ways to solve real problems. Finally, we need to remove waste and fat from bills to free up capital to help our clients focus on more ambitious outcomes.”

Craig’s long industry knowledge and contacts mean Guerilla can offer phones at fantastic price points, giving staff the opportunity to take full advantage of the latest technology, connectivity and productivity tools. Guerilla is working to separate the conversation between discussing hardware needs and business communications needs – which have been intertwined for too long.

“Vendors provide a finite amount of money by way of a network commission. This changes the conversation from what is necessary, to ‘what can we afford within the pot of money provided?’. This often creates unfair decisions on who can have an upgrade this year and who will have to wait two more years. The smartphone needs to be an asset to all employees, so the priority should be shifted. Our new business model brings that into effect,” he explains.

The move to mobile office working makes the timing of this launch even more important.

“We have to change the conversation, and this is a great way to do that because we don’t have to wait until a clients’ mobile contract is up before we look at supplying equipment. Do you have faulty phones? Don’t hang on, come to us now and we will provide the equipment straight away. Then, when your contract is due for renewal, let us loose to reduce monthly costs right down,” says the expert.

On top of an easy way to get the latest phones – and even reward the hard work of teams working under difficult conditions – Craig offers his famous ‘Cup of Tea Challenge’.

The challenge is a chance for Craig to explain how he can help extract business users from over-priced, over-complicated and often inappropriate communication contracts, in the time it takes to make and drink a cuppa.

“Whether you feel stuck in a contract, or simply want to cut costs, I’m always delighted to offer help and advice,” he says, “and we are now at a tipping point. I set up Guerilla ICT as I was tired of waiting for the larger telco providers to realise they needed to listen and respond to customer’s needs, rather than deliver what they always have.I’m doing it myself, and have been inundated with companies requesting details of how to get out of costly contracts.”

“I ask people to answer a few simple questions,” concludes Craig: “Do you want help in ensuring your company survives these tumultuous times? Do you want your staff to enjoy a professional point of presence, office level connectivity on the road, and the latest phones? And do you want to save money on your monthly phone and internet bill? Get the kettle on…let’s talk!”

Whatever your connectivity issues – or however intractable you might feel your incumbent contract is – Craig offers a free consultation with the aim of helping every business weather the current adverse economic conditions.