Guerilla ICT has always been my dream and now I have the passion, the hunger, drive and belief to lead the Digital Revolution.

I am Craig Hall and I am proud to be the CEO of Guerilla ICT: The Digital Disprupters who are here to disrupt and revolutionise the way customers consume their voice and data, to create a compelling and sustainable competitive advantage.

I started my working life by joining the Royal Navy, spending over three years onboard HMS Torbay, a nuclear fleet attack submarine. I left aged 21 ready to start my career in technology and eager to change the world!

I held a very technical role in the Royal Navy. I loved the computerised systems and the science that allowed us to be very effective. This is something that has stayed with me throughout my career. I also understood about contribution to a team, of being the sum of parts and how each individual, no matter what their skill or status, had to operate to a high standard in order to contribute to the overall mission and to take pride in excellence at all times.

I started my career in communications providing wide area pagers, mercury/vanderhoff smartboxes and a few mobile phones. I was at the start of a new era of technology with new innovators coming to market, such as Mercury to compete with BT – new phone systems, mobile phones, facsimiles. It just seemed so exciting and I did very well. I sold what I loved and so had the drive and passion to sell a lot of units.

The market changed and whilst I saw people come and go, I was always looking for where we would go next. Over a decade and we had the introduction of ISDN, of GSM, of dial up internet (kbps initially). The Internet became a tool that was growing quickly and demand for the desktop pc and connectivity continued to rise.

I always felt disappointed with the way telecoms businesses delivered, so I established my own software company, Intelliga Limited. This was a software suite that took the UK telecoms sector by storm because it created a process that covered every aspect of a telecoms company’s sales, installation, support and finance. I eventually failed with this business due to some naive decisions and being under capitalised. The learning however was invaluable so I went away reflected and worked hard to come back stronger.

Earlier this year I  gathered all of my frustrations with the UK market and those shared my many industry professionals and with this list I decide to dedicate my experience to create a disruptive business to change the way services and products are offered, delivered and financed. I wanted to switch the priority away from the supplier and towards the customer and focus on their busienss outcomes rather than the commercial gain of the provider.

There is a broad spectrum of technology out there that allows the right mentality and vision to be very creative on behalf of a client. We solve real world problems and create a digital revolution inside every business we serve.  We become the change maker and we eradicate the practices that leaves a lot of customers unhappy and trapped in long term unproductive contracts.

Guerilla is here to disrupt the industry that has oversold and underserviced their clients for many years. We deliver tangible value and create more compelling returns on investment just by leveraging our knowledge and understanding of our client’s desired outcomes. We go that extra mile to establish the standards the customer wants and make sure we overachieve on that outcome for them.

I am thankful to Dropjaw Ventures Group and my specialist partners for supporting me to bring this revolution to market. As both a naval and telecommunications veteran, I intend to use my knowledge and experience to bring change to the communications industry.