Here’s what some of our customers have said about our service.

6 weeks later we had an internet network in our village and it changed many, many lives

Haines Watts, Martin Bowles M.D.

I first met Craig in 2014 at a launch of a government broadband grant scheme to get superfast broadband into our business in Derby.

We noticed that most suppliers had the same solution, to use the grant to pay for the installation of a private leased line into our business, which still meant hundreds of pounds of costs per month to us.

After a discussion with Craig, I felt that I had met somebody who was going to try and solve our problem. I wasn’t mistaken. Craig offered to bring in a single leased line to one business in our park, then distribute it to neighbouring businesses using wireless technology. 4 months later and many businesses on the park got exactly what Craig had promised.

I am also a parish councillor in a small South Derbyshire village and for years had tried to get BT to bring adequate broadband to our village. Craig at this stage had moved on to build a wireless network to every business district in Derby and was making a great success of it.

I asked Craig to come and take a look. He assured me he could deliver a service to the whole village and worked with us to decide which speeds and prices would be popular. He crunched his numbers and said that as long as 25 customers would come on stream, he would take on the commercial risk.

6 weeks later we had an internet network in our village and it changed many, many lives for the better. Over 120 villagers subscribed to the service Craig built. The village will always be grateful at the changes he made.

I was pleased to be able to give Craig the contract to put a full fibre solution into our Derby branch.

Craig has earned our trust and we would not hesitate to recommend him for Voice and Data projects in the future.

Guerilla ICT sounds like the type of project Craig would start because he is a disruptor who does not fear making commitments and his knowledge means he can be trusted to deliver.

Craig delivered the exact speed he promised and we were so happy with the service

Damaged Society Clothing Stores

My Company runs Damaged Society clothing stores, located in city centres from Scotland to as far south as Bristol.

Craig first introduced himself to my company in 2015. Craig had built a new internet service that was made available to us in our main administration centre in Derby. Our broadband had been poor for many years.

Our retail outlets would be pushing stock and transactions and we needed to improve our speeds.

Craig delivered the exact speed he promised and we were so happy with the service, we had another connection at our second unit on another estate in Derby.

Craig challenged us to let him look at how we worked throughout the business. He looked at our costs and how we had set up the retail outlet.
Craig not only identified savings but proposed a way to allow us to save money, whilst professionalising our whole communications operation.

Instead of local numbers and calls being channelled through the shops as individual outlets, Craig designed a single national solution, using a single number that would simplify our service and support via our website.
Callers can call in and are met with options to contact the outlets direct, or to contact our support and design teams.

We now have a national image and our communications provide the image to our clients that our efforts behind the scenes deserve.

Craig has earnt our trust, he gets who we are and what we do. If there are technical issues at weekends or bank holidays, he will work with our staff to help. He gets how important continuity is and is always eager to come up with more solutions.

We trust his knowledge and know that if he says it, it is true and that is rare in our previous dealing with this industry.