Podcast: Who does Craig Hall think he is?

Craig Hall, a man with three decades of experience in the UK telecoms industry, decided to go it alone last year after realising the incumbent telcos and IT companies had provided what they felt the market needed, rather than what it wants, for too long.

Frustrated by a lack of interest in the customer, and a lacklustre approach to innovation by the big UK telecoms players, Craig has now grabbed a mic and taken to the airwaves to deliver a message of hope to struggling UK business: there is a better way.

His new company, Guerilla ICT, is helping UK business not only survive, but thrive, in the lockdown era, thanks to offering seamless presence solutions, more appropriate office phone solutions and superfast broadband for the armies of home workers the pandemic has created.

Now, in the first of a new series of enlightening 20-minute Guerilla ICT podcasts, Craig takes time away from saving companies money and stress to describe who he – and his disruptive company are.

Tune into the podcast (you can listen to it right now using the player below) and you’ll learn about how the maverick took his Royal Navy training and turned it into business advantage. Craig shares some highlights of a three-decade career, where he always felt like he was fighting a monopoly.

The Guerilla ICT podcast episode one.

And now, tired of fighting an industry hell-bent on providing overly complex, overly expensive solutions, we learn what it takes to get seamless superfast broadband without being tied into lengthy contracts.

As Craig puts it during the podcast: “I once described BT as a very large tanker and I’m in a little speed boat with a spear…and I just keep making small holes where I can.”

He sees BT as a giant, backed by relentless marketing and government department-level support. During the podcast, he advocates a closer working relationship between vendors and customers, based on changing, and hopefully growing need, rather than companies simply suffering under an inappropriate, lengthy contract which quickly offers outdated technology.

Now, he’s sharpened his metaphorical spear and along with a growing number of disruptors, is offering a new avenue for businesses to get connected, to communicate and to thrive.

Listen in and you’ll discover how, on hitting 50, the maverick decided it was time to stand up and make a real difference to the industry he loved. Quipping during the podcast, he says he considered running a pub in Cornwall but felt he’d drive the punters away with his obsessive interest in telecommunications.

So he turned that passion into Guerilla ICT – a company formed after Craig did some serious soul searching, as revealed in the honest audio interview: “I sat down (during the first lockdown) and wrote down everything I thought was wrong with the industry.. And then thought long and hard about tangible solutions to what I see as the industry’s failings – and actually rather than sitting there moaning about it, start doing something about it.”

With his combined love of technology and helping businesses save money, coupled with the discipline and can-do attitude instilled in him during his Naval submarine career, Guerilla ICT was born.

Craig concludes: “It’s about innovation. If the industry won’t do it, we can do it and we’ll show a way forward with pioneering new things. We talk about ‘broadband by any means’. We talk about ‘Internet to the device’. We also talk about presence, the presence of talent within your business, being able to stay in touch with customers no matter what.

“These are some key principles, but ultimately what we’re trying to do is to get the customer to consume voice and data in a different way, not for its own sake. Don’t do it the way you’ve always done it. Stop, take a fresh look and let’s see what Guerilla can do for you,” he suggests in the recording.