Guerilla ICT has watched over the years at the way businesses had to continue to wait for BT to deliver superfast fibre broadband. In lots of areas, the frustration built as innovative businesses had to work around poor broadband, often they were forced to pay hundreds of pounds a month for private circuits, or even go home to use a faster connection.

In 2020, there are still large gaps in the ability of BT to deliver the speeds required. Demand is continually pushing forward at a faster pace than the network’s ability to fulfil.

To remedy this, Guerilla has sought out the best ALT NET providers to line up behind our business. This allows us to fill gaps where the incumbent supplier cannot.

From Fibre Broadband up to 1gb, with rural grants available for the hardest hit, to 10gb leased lines from a vast range of suppliers, covering most of the UK.

For hard to reach areas, Guerilla are able to deliver assured 4g Broadband that achieves over 50mb download speeds all day and night, or to design & build solutions for business estates using a combination of fibre and air, to avoid the failing copper based services.

Once we have achieved our aim of delivering the best speeds, we work to ensure we get that speed to your on-site devices. We have a range of wired and wireless solutions that distribute superfast broadband to every desk and room, securely and consistently.

Broadband is the concrete in the ground that allows all other innovations to follow and for your competitive advantage to be realised. Guerilla are committed to be your best chance of achieving your aims.

Fast Fibre
Leased Lines
Wide and local area sevices

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