There are many communities and business centres who have no access to fit-for-purpose broadband. Many are in remote areas, some are in isolated positions where there are not enough neighbours with the same issue to warrant a design/build solution.

We have construction companies who have a portacabin in a field and need access to broadband for the build out period only.

For most circumstances, companies feel there is no answer.

Guerilla ICT offers at its core, a passion for innovation and constantly seeking to expand our toolkit to solve most problems we find.

4g LTE is our offering in the most difficult of circumstances. We use the mobile network that will be available in your area and install a dish onto the gable of your building.

Using software, we align the dish to the faceplate of the nearest mast. Once aligned, our dish demands the full broadband capacity from the backhaul to get you the maximum throughput.

We install a small switch internally that then distributes IP addresses and controls device access to the service.

Our service is survey dependent and be assured, Guerilla will only offer this service if our survey proves the outcome we will agree to. To book now, complete our form and we’ll be back in touch very quickly.