Gone are the days when fast, reliable and resilient connectivity was merely advisable for the modern, forward-thinking business. Today it is imperative. The extent to which trade collaborate with our staff, customers and partners having a gigabit-capable, robust and secure full-fibre or leased-line connection has never been more critical to a company’s success. Poor communications and processes with slow and erratic connections impact directly on your bottom line and can leave you in the competitors’ wake.

A Guerilla Connect Leased Line will provide your business with ultrafast, gigabit bandwidth via our full-fibre network, which can also be augmented with wireless leased-line connectivity.

Regardless of whether you have a single office or multiple sites across the UK with additional home workers or require direct connections to your customers and supply chain partners, Guerilla can provide a solution that fits your business and budget requirements.

• Dedicated connection
• 99.95% uptime
• Unlimited data
• 24/7/365 monitoring
• Flexible terms

All of our leased line services offer
• Fully managed symmetrical and uncontended bandwidth of up to 10Gbps
• Guaranteed network availability with average 99.95% uptime over the past 36 months
• DIA, MPLS , SDWAN or P2P configuration options
• Dedicated, unlimited circuit exclusively for your business with no data caps
• A range of fixed IP addressing
• 24/7/365 monitoring with unlimited support from our inhouse, UK-based support team
• Fixed CAPEX and OPEX costs over the term of the contract
• Flexible contract terms
• Access to government grants to cover the costs of installation (post code dependent)

Please contact our Hello Team to discuss options that are available in your area.