WLAN (Wireless local area network)

Once we have created a super highway for your broadband, the next question is how we build a network that is fit for purpose within your building. WLAN technology can be deployed within your building to deliver high speed, secured internet access to mobile devices within your premises.

With WLAN we can:

Survey your building with our purpose built software tools to design full coverage internally.

Create 2.4ghz/5ghz internal channels with Guest access
Create a secure gateway to manage device usage and to prevent abuse
Build in CCTV and security solutions, all operating through one secure gateway
Integrate between wired and wireless devices.

WWAN (Wireless WAN)

Guerilla staff have a strong history of delivering high speed wide area network solutions, from fixed, point to point high speed connectivity to connect multiple buildings together as one, to designing and building high speed wide area networks using external wireless equipment to a fibre backhaul up to 10km away.

If you have a business estate or commercial area that is currently being failed by your current supplier, talk to our hello team who will walk you through the process and prove the viability of the project before any commitment from our client is required.

There may also be access to grant funding to support the up front costs of the project, subject to post code and terms of service from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

If you would like to complete our form, we will be in touch very soon.