Guerilla ICT understands the frustration many businesses feel with the availability of faster broadband speeds due to the post code lottery of provision. Your location dictates what service you have as it does not matter who the service provider is – it is BT Openreach providing the core infrastructure.

Where appropriate we can provide standard Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband which will help deliver speeds of up to 330mb per second. These products are robust, come with no data caps and very competitively priced, and we provide a proactive support and management layer to achieve more with your connection.

Our FTTC range


A hybrid solution that uses copper cable to the property fibre from a street cabinet. Up to 40mb download and 10mb upload


A more robust product that still uses hybrid copper/fibre to deliver. Up to 80 mb download and up to 20mb upload


A more robust product that still uses hybrid copper/fibre to deliver. With contention ratios of 20:1 and products come with a 4 port Wi-Fi enabled router. Up to 330mb download and 50mb download

Full Fibre Broadband (FTTP)

Guerilla has selected some of the country’s ALTNET providers to partner with and to deliver FTTP disruptor networks to ensure you are at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Although geographically dependent, we can provide far more options to far more businesses in ever growing locations.

Fibre delivers future-proof, ultra high speed options to your business with affordable monthly options.

Our full fibre broadband delivers up to 1gb download speeds and 500mb upload speeds.

Guerilla may be able to secure grant funding from government with a Gigabit BDUK voucher to fund the up-front delivery costs. This will be subject to you being an SME company and location.

Please contact our Hello Team on the form below to discuss options that are available in your area.