Guerilla ICT offers a range of services to any client looking to try to understand their own ICT infrastructure strategy, cost implications and of course, assessing whether they receive value for money.

Our Free Consultancy Services

We offer a range of consultancy related services without charge or obligation. This allows us to assess which outcomes you are looking to achieve from ICT and how that can add value to your strategic direction.

The “Cup of Tea Challenge”

Our offering is straightforward and is an opening challenge to show you how we work.

The offer is simple; put your connectivity and phone bills on a table, put the kettle on and by the time you have enjoyed that cup of tea we would have identified savings for your company. This no obligation, free service helps us to earn your trust for any future dealings we may have.

Ready to take the challenge? Complete our form and we’ll get straight back to you.

ICT Healthcheck

If you are expanding or contracting your company, or even moving premises, merging or acquiring a company, we provide a full structured ICT audit of your services. We will identify waste, poor contract terms, better working practices and ways for you to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

We will provide a full proposal and cost audit analysis for you to help you make plans that suit your business needs.

Chargeable services

Wireless site survey. As providers of high speed internet Guerilla ICT will not only look at ways to bring faster broadband into your building, but we want to ensure that speed and consistency gets to every device that needs it within your building and surrounding areas. We can conduct a wi-fi analysis using dedicated software that allows us to find the gaps and look at ways of improving the performance where needed.

You will receive a survey conclusion proposal including floor plans to help you make decisions about your best way forward.

Contract termination support

This is a unique service that is only offered by Guerilla ICT. Our market awareness does not stop with the technology, we understand contract, terms and industry regulations. We can review your contract terms and provide you with the necessary templates to allow terminate onerous contracts with your current service providers, using industry regulations that even the vendors do not understand.

We will work behind you to guide you through a clear process that is designed to allow you to terminate contracts early, without the need to adhere to the traps that will have been laid out for you within your order form terms and conditions.

The advice we will offer is proven and very effective. If any of the above is of interest, please contact our Hello Team by completing the form below