Creating resilience, professionalism, an agile presence, a sustainable competitive advantage and value for money to business of all sizes is our ultimate aim when moving our clients into the cloud.

Voice communications remain vitally important – it is one of the first impressions your clients gain when they make contact with your company. Most companies still equate the link between the calls made and received and the income that is attached to that. This is not the case, it is all about the relationship and level of customer satisfaction that drives revenues and profits.

Here at Guerilla ICT we have sourced a range of cloud based, unified communications solutions to enable your company to operate at a level that are unrivalled within our space.

Resilient solutions will allow anyone (anywhere and everywhere) access to the full feature set of a phone system, without the device or location being a hurdle to achieve great outcomes for every call.

Professionalism is achieved with unlimited access to every feature required to allow the client to decide how their communications are presented under all circumstances. A high standard can be designed and maintained, no matter what the activities behind it.

Agile presence is the ability for your key staff to maintain their contribution to the company’s communications’ requirements, no matter what the circumstances are. Access via a range of devices from almost any location ensures an always available employee can be in touch as required by their clients. No more “calling back when back at the desk”, no more mobile numbers presented as business numbers and no more dropping of the company image or the accountability outside a fixed environment.

Sustainable competitive advantage is achieved when we simplify your ability to create the look, feel and performance level you strive to achieve every single day, without fail. We design your solution based on your business vision and where we can match your ambition for business growth. We make excellence a standard, we make growth simple to achieve and we integrate seamlessly into your business aims.

Value for money is achieved because hosted solutions allow a fixed cost of subscription, a reduce commitment to hardware on site, with call and support costs integrated into one simple monthly charge per user.

Our consultation and design process is a free service to clients. We will also look at how to save you money against your current communications’ costs to ensure your bills are both reduced and simplified.

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