Mobile Voice and Data

Guerilla ICT enjoys in-depth knowledge of the mobile voice and data sector and with convergence moving faster than ever, we are your ideal partner for a true end to end unified communications platform.

Mobile phones and tariffs have been sold in a similar fashion since the mid 1990s. The mindset was dictated to us by the networks, creating a strange purchasing ritual: Choose the equipment first then the tariff would be chosen to suit the handset costs. This created a cartel that kept suppliers and customers alike within the remit of the networks. It didn’t allow the approach to change.

The issue we have known for a few years was that smartphones were getting more expensive, yet the commissions from the networks were reducing, throttling the ambitions of the supplier and the customer.

Guerilla ICT has re-designed the supply mentality of the goods and services in this sector to set it free of the status quo.

So, we have split the handset and the tariffs as two separate entities, allowing us to fit each requirement to the actual needs of each user and the business as a whole, blended with traditional voice and now fully integrated with TEAMS

We can fund hardware using a separate facility, so every user can have the correct mobile and fixed desk handset/s, or event softphone to meet their needs.

We supply SIM only tariffs along with Microsoft 365 which includs TEAMS and therefore allows us to vastly reduce the subscription costs to your business.

Our disruptive approach is proven to save money, whilst simultaneously improving the performance of your business and your employees.

Dedicated data bundles have been designed to suit different needs and budgets. Please come and talk to the Hello Team and complete the form below